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2. Say Thank You - Then Say It Again

Members of Congress love nothing more than to be thanked. When I was advocating for more funding for clean drinking water, the most effective thing we did was create a “Water Award.” We went around to different offices and presented members of Congress with a very nice plaque. We invited a lot of people to attend, and the member of Congress got to make a speech about the importance water. 

It was really funny to me because some of the members of Congress we presented the award to had not done much at that point to help our cause. However, once we thanked them for their work, they were much more eager to help.


Additionally, the members who were already champions of the issue worked even harder after we gave them the award because they liked the praise. It was one of the most effective strategies we implemented. 

Carnegie wrote, “Honest appreciation brings out the best in people, and is such a more effective tool than criticism.” Finding ways to thank members of Congress is a much, much, MUCH more effective strategy than humiliating or verbally attacking them. Take this advice, and I promise that you will be 1,000 times more successful in your advocacy plan.

The infographic to the right, provided by the Brantley Agency gives you some helpful tips on how to effectively say "thank you". 

Saying Thank You is the most effective tool you can have in your advocacy toolbox to influence an elected official