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1.4 Money Matters (but not how you think)

The majority of Americans think campaign donations buy influence.  You will probably surprised to learn that money is not as powerful as most people think. Studies by top research institutions have been unable to show that political donations buy policy favors. They conclude that influence is much more complex than the amount of money given to politicians for their campaigns.   


Donations might help people get their foot in the door, but campaign donations do not do any good if the person has a weak argument


The money I am referring to for this section is the money that really matters: the $3.8 trillion spent by the government every year! Most advocates focus their efforts on sweeping policy changes or new programs. While noble, their efforts will most likely be wasted because of how difficult it is to get a new piece of legislation passed.


The best place to start is the appropriations process. Appropriations bills have to get passed every year or the government shuts down. Because they are so important, it forces Congress to compromise.


If you want your issue to break through, find out what appropriations subcommittee oversees your cause and advocate for more funding. You will have a better chance at success, and the extra funding has the potential to make a big difference for your issue.  

A picture of a DC bribe, but what most people do not realize is that most researchers agree that politcal influence is much more complicated than politial donations