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The Advocacy Guide

1.5 Congress Doesn't Make Every Decision

The best advocates know that limiting your focus to the United States Congress is shortsighted. Political appointees like cabinet officials and agency leaders are also important to target in your advocacy efforts. They enact a lot of changes that do not require a new law or an act of Congress.


Folks in the Senior Executive Service can sometimes be even better targets. These are career government employees who have worked their way up to senior management. They have a lot of influence over policy, make important decisions, are easier to get hold of, and are more likely to listen to your concerns.


Also, unlike political appointees, they will continue to work on your issue when the next administration comes along. 


Also, don’t forget about your state and local governments. State and county legislators are often easier to reach, and state governments are the proving grounds for ideas that make it to the federal level. 

State and Local Governments are important places to target in your advocacy work
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