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Viral Videos

I have seen many misguided attempts to create “viral videos” around a policy in order to get the attention of elected officials in Congress. I have seen advocacy groups dress supporters up in dinosaur costumes and had them run around D.C. warning that their program might become extinct. I have also seen advocacy groups organize flash mobs on the steps of the Capitol.


One advocacy group I knew well convinced a former senator to dance to “Gangnam Style” while a guy in a soda can costume made sure he did the moves right.


The good things about these videos is they are fun to share on YouTube and could potentially get good press coverage. For example, the dinosaur video was written up in USA Today and the Gangnam Style coke can was covered by Anderson Cooper. 

However, very few people in Congress take these types of efforts seriously and if your video is ridiculous,

they can do irreversible damage to your reputation on Capitol Hill.