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Protests & Marches

The inauguration of Donald Trump was

followed by the single largest political protest

in American history. This history-making

event was started by a couple different

women who posted on Facebook the day

after the election because they were

frustrated and wanted to protest.


Within 12 hours, their Facebook notifications

just wouldn’t stop, and they realized

they had something that could be big. The

women agreed to speak on the phone and

decided to merge their events and the

Women’s March on Washington was born.


While protests or marches can be

effective, their impact usually depends

on how well organizers mobilize supporters

after the event, rather than how many

people show up to the protest or march.


Additionally, the people organizing protests

or marches are usually great at spreading

the word, handling event logistics, and

dealing with the media, but more often than

not, they do not understand the effective

advocacy strategies required to translate

their support into actual policy change.


Without a smart and strategic approach,

the message usually falls flat on Capitol Hill.

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