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Prewritten Messages

If you’ve ever filled in your name and address in order to have a group send a message to your elected official, you might have thought that going through a reputable organization would make your voice stronger. This could not be further from the truth! Sending a message that is prewritten for you is not an effective way for you to get your voice heard on Capitol Hill.  

First of all, these messages are very impersonal, so most of the time they do not result in a response from the member of Congress’s office.


Think about it: if a staffer gets the same message over and over again it looses its impact and just shows that the organization is good at getting signatures, not necessarily that the constituents care about the cause.

Prwritten messages do not influence Cogress of their staff


Additionally, staffers question the messages’ authenticity because they have no way to confirm the message is being sent from an actual constituent. Staffers often think that form messages might have been forged, even though research has found that forgery rarely happens. Regardless, congressional staffers still question the authenticity of form messages, so they don’t carry much weight.