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Chapter 2: Win Friends And Influence Staffers

Everybody who works in Congress knows that it is the staffers that do most of the policy work. They write and read the bills, meet with stakeholders, lobbyists, and advocates, and advise the member of Congress how to vote. When attempting to influence your member of Congress, your best bet is to try to influence their personal (or committee) staffers.

Dale Carnegie wrote the book How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936. Carnegie believed that you can influence another person’s behavior by changing the way you treat him or her. 


His book was the first best-selling self-help book ever published and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. In 2011, Time named it the 19th most influential book ever written.

Carnegie’s book uses basic principles of psychology and human behavior to teach the reader how to influence people over to your way of thinking and increase your influence, prestige, and ability to get things done. 

It’s worthwhile to examine some of the book’s suggestions and apply them to your interactions with members of Congress and their staff. The powerful truths written in 1936 still apply today. Click on the button below to begin. 

Dale Carnagies Book Is A Great Guide For Advocates Trying To Influence Congress, good advocates follow the principles found in Carnegie's book while conducting their advocacy work