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Step 2: Personalize Your Story

Once you have picked your issue, it is important that you articulate why the issue is important to you.


Many congressional staffers enjoy learning about policy and will appreciate a well-thought-out argument and the statistics to back it up. However, if you really want to get your issue to resonate through the halls of Congress, you need to have a personal and relatable advocacy story — something that puts a human face on the issue.


Ask yourself why this issue matters to you, and craft your story into a powerful anecdote you can share with staffers.  

Writing down your personal story allows you to reflect on why the issue matters to you and how to best tell your story. Members of Congress and their staff are super busy, so you really only have a short amount of time to get their attention. Write your story down and shorten it as much as you can without losing any of the meaning. Being concise is key!

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Example: A Veteran will have an easier time talking about veteran services than a civilian because it is personal to them.