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The Advocacy Guide

Learn How To Influence Congress

An Advocate Holds up a sign about being angry with government, but powerles to change it. Signing up for The Advocacy Guide helps people learn how to influnce Congress and their elected representatives

Corporations have too much influence in DC! We have to be smarter when reaching out to Congress if we are going to level the playing field between everyday people, corporations, and wealthy donors. 


Our team has over: 


  • 20 years of experience working for Congress,

  • 8 years of experience lobbying Congress, and 

  • 32 years of experience working in public service.


With our 50 years of experience, let us show you how to influence Congress and get your voice heard!

What is The Advocacy Guide?

The Advocacy Guide is a free e-book that teaches you how to advocate for your issue and how to get your voice heard in Congress. ​


Whether you are posting on your representative's Facebook page or visiting his or her office, there are proven strategies that will increase your effectiveness. Our guide gives you valuable insights that we have learned from our decades of experience.

The Advocay Guide Logo. The Advocay Guide helps advocates implement smart Advocacy strategies

What will you learn from The Advocacy Guide?

The Advocacy Guide guide teaches you:

  1. How Congress Works,

  2. How To Win Friends and Influence Staffers,

  3. Six Steps to Creating an Awesome Advocacy Plan,

  4. The Least Effective Ways To Contact Congress, and

  5. The Most Effective Ways To Contact Congress.

Who wrote The Advocacy Guide?

Author of The Advocacy Guide, Billy, Has Been Advocating For Policies In Government And Congress For Over 10 Years



My name is Billy and I have over 7 years of experience as a lobbyist.


I wrote The Advocacy Guide because I'm sick of seeing smart, dedicated, and passionate people waste their time with ineffective strategies when reaching out to Congress. 


We spend so much time focusing on elections but drop the ball when we try to influence our representatives. This guide is a useful resource to getting your voice heard by the people we elected to office!

I hope you take a moment to download our guide so you don't miss out on these useful tips to make your voice heard!


Keep fighting the good fight, 


P.S. I had a lot of help with the guide from an amazing team and Rosie (pictured), the ultimate 2 a.m. writing companion.


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